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2. Slovenian Salsa Festival - Ljubljana 6/7/8 April 2007
Autor: salsoteca (84.255.238.---)
Datum: 13. März 2007 09:27

2nd Slovenian Salsa Festival - Ljubljana 6/7/8 April 2007
(Yes, this is Easter weekend!)

You are kindly invited to visit 2nd Slovenian Salsa Festival, which will take place in the beautiful city of Ljubljana - the Slovene capitol. The Venue is a 1st class Italian owned Hotel Domina Grand Media**** - a modern hotel and SPA in Ljubljana.

Our Festival will suit all levels of salsa dancers - from beginners to most experienced ones.

Our guests will enjoy the top class entertainment and the chance to enhance their Salsa skills with the world class instructors (Edie - The Salsa FREAK, The Swing Guys, DJ Jose Luis, etc.). Our instructors would love to dance with you at the party nights and may even show you some special tricks...

The event offers:
- more than 40 International Instructors & Performers,
- 56 workshops (2 days),
- 4 dancehalls, more than 1000m2 wooden dancefloor
- 3 wild party nights with 7 DJs (2 rooms - Dance hall + Lounge)
- 27 world class shows,

- 2 afterparties, (Monday, Tuesday) + 10 years Anniversay or Salsoteca Dance in Slovenia
- 5 day - organised Salsa holiday (3 days Festival + 2 days Tourist Trip programme)

The festival is organised by Salsateca London (Elder Sanchez) who first prepared a Salsa event in Slovenia back in 1997. This year we celebrate 10 years of Salsa in Slovenia.

The Salsa partyes in Ljubljana are crowded with Salser@s and can gather 1000+ Salseros ... (see the gallery).

Be part of it!
Your Salsafest Team - Ljubljana

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